The efficiency of direct investments

We leverage the opportunities arising from our extensive network, our expertise in designing the most competitive financing solutions, and our multi-disciplinary experience to create direct investment solutions that deliver predictable, lasting returns. You will benefit from a rare combination of expertise to achieve high performance objectives while keeping risks under control.

Successful direct investments in real assets require in-depth knowledge of both the asset type in question and the key players involved. RMG focuses on sectors with lasting growth, such as real estate, infrastructure and the environment. You will enjoy opportunities that combine intellectually satisfying projects with attractive returns.

Our analysis will provide a clear, detailed view of the risk/return profile of each investment so you can make an informed choice.

“Opportunity comes from achieving the right balance between avoiding and taking risk”

With us

Make private investments offering attractive, stable returns disconnected from traditional financial markets

Gain preferential access to direct investments and private lending

Choose investments that will benefit from long-term macro-economic trends

Receive a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the risk/return potential of each investment

Make direct investments and share directly in their performance

Generate stable returns while limiting the fees paid to intermediaries

Case study

Structuring of a direct real estate investment

Private investors, Family Office

  • Identify a real estate asset to be restructured, renegotiate lease terms, set up a negative rate loan
  • Implement a real estate investment generating attractive, lasting disposable income

Structuring of a direct real estate investment

Family Office

  • Structure a bridge loan to give a real estate fund more flexibility during the fund-raising phase

  • Set up a covered short-term loan generating a return of nearly 10%

Structuring a Sale and Leaseback transaction

Private investors, UHNWI

  • Identified a real estate investment opportunity in the medical real estate sector, structured an acquisition scheme involving a merger, obtained financing from a pool of lenders from the banking world

  • Establishment of a long-term Triple Net lease agreement generating an attractive low-risk return, indexed to inflation

Other expertises


ALM strategy. Financing policy. Fixed income delivering solutions.


Bespoke mortage facilities, Lombard loans and structured loans.


The power of optimised wealth