Solutions built around your real estate projects

Buying a property or refinancing or restructuring your mortgage portfolio requires bespoke, flexible, strategic solutions. We will be by your side every step of the way to ensure we fully understand every aspect of your requirements. You can count on our long-standing experience, our in-depth understanding of financial solutions, and our diverse network of partners (banks, pension funds, financial investors, specialised lawyers).

”A detail today can become a big deal tomorrow.”

With us

Receive our comprehensive analysis of your project

Build a realistic financing plan and a convincing credit file

Set very long-term interest rates (25 years) and lock them several years in advance

Adjust the interest expenses on your real estate assets in line with their activities

Implement an interest rate risk hedging strategy

Reduce your financial expenses

Optimise your borrowing capacity and your loan-to-value ratio

Ease your repayment constraints

Reorganise your derivatives

Case study

Mortgage refinancing and increase in cash holdings

Non-profit association

  • Find financing capacity for new projects
  • Optimise loan-to-value ratios and available funds, reduce interest expenses
  • Obtain preferential terms (interest rate, termination, term)

Optimise loan-to-value ratios and available funds, reduce interest expenses

Family office investment fund

  • Increase the return on investment by lowering interest expenses and reducing equity
  • Diversify sources of financing

Mortgage restructuring and optimisation of real estate investment vehicles

Family with a considerable real estate portfolio

  • Structure financing solutions
  • Obtain refinancing over 20 years with a single premium covering all registration duties and taxes


Open the door to opportunities

When returns are low, Lombard loans offer many ways of bringing a project to life, financing the purchase of a property, seizing an investment opportunity or increasing the return on your assets, provided the financial and contractual risks are correctly measured and negotiated. We will help you establish a risk policy suited to your profile, negotiate optimum financial and contractual terms and conditions, and ensure that the ratio between a loan and its guarantees remains fair over time.

With us

Set the aims of your Lombard loan policy

Review the contractual terms of your existing loans

Negotiate favourable and resilient Lombard loan terms

Optimise the term, amount and currency of the loan in line with your objectives

Ensure maximum flexibility for your Lombard loan

Take out a loan that fits in with your wealth structure

Limit the risks arising from your borrowing strategy

Maximise the return on your investment and the diversification potential

Case study

Reduction in the risk profile of a Lombard loan

Family Office

  • Implement a strategy to avoid the risk of margin calls and lock in the cost of borrowing over the long term
  • Develop an investment strategy to offset the volatility of the pledged portfolio and generate predictable returns

Financing for the purchase of luxury real estate

Private investor / UHNWI

  • Set up a negative interest loan for the purchase of a luxury property abroad
  • Set up a Lombard loan guaranteed by a portfolio of illiquid investments to complement the mortgage loan for the property ; monitor management

Creation of a bespoke investment portfolio

Resident family subject to expenditure-based taxation

  • Finance a diversified investment portfolio generating lasting returns and complying with the rules applicable to expenditure-based taxation

  • Set up a loan guaranteed by illiquid assets


Solutions tailored
to all asset profiles

With a constant eye on financial markets, we offer competitive, ingenious ways of creating financial resources suited to a wide range of asset profiles. We design financing solutions that incorporate both your liquid and your long-term assets.

With us

Develop a financing strategy tailored to your assets

Obtain financing for illiquid assets

Determine your optimum financing capacity

Negotiate favourable terms and specific conditions for your assets

Find a private lender

Financing for illiquid assets

If you have significant financial or real estate investments, we can help you monetise the most illiquid portions your to increase their returns. The funds obtained through a loan guaranteed by an equity investment can be used to create a portfolio of more liquid assets or simply to raise cash. For example, a luxury property or an equity investment can be used to raise the capital needed to make an investment that will generate sufficient returns to cover your expenses.

Private debt

We propose bridge loans, mezzanine loans, and second mortgages to complement mortgage facilities or as an alternative to bank loans.

Case study

Financing for financial investments

Family Office

  • Set up financing for a holding company invested in a listed company to cover inheritance tax
  • Combine Lombard loans and corporate solutions to eliminate the risk of margin calls

Private debt

Family Office

  • Set up a mezzanine loan alongside a mortgage loan during the development of a project to cover a temporary need for cash

  • Provide capacity to seize an investment opportunity rapidly

Other expertises


ALM strategy. Financing policy. Fixed income delivering solutions.


Direct investments, collateralised loans, mezzanine loans and bridge loans.


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