Striking the right balance between your assets and your liabilities

Borrowing is an integral part of any financial structure. Optimum management of your wealth cannot focus only on your assets – your liabilities are also essential. By striking the right balance between your assets (investment property, luxury real estate, listed or private equity investments) and your liabilities (loans and risk hedging instruments), we will help you optimise the structure of your wealth, improving performance while minimising risk.

“Don’t stop at what already exists or has been done before; do better !”

With us

Find the right balance between your assets and liabilities

Analyse the efficiency of your financial structures

Review the financial and contractual terms and conditions of your borrowings

Calculate your exposure to financial risk and protect your assets

Find ways of generating returns on illiquid assets

Establish investment strategies that take on board all your assets and liabilities

Identify investment strategies generating lasting returns

Case study

Mortgage financing policy

Local authority

  • Design and implement an ALM policy, find new borrowing capacity, reduce public sector guarantees
  • Set up a 25-year loan starting in 5 years suited to changing phases in the real estate portfolio

Analysis of a portfolio of mortgage loans with derivatives

Family with a significant diversified real estate portfolio

  • Analyse the financial consequences of existing derivatives in an environment of negative interest rates
  • Find and implement long-term refinancing solutions to eliminate the impact of existing derivatives
  • Reduce interest expenses and establish lending conditions for 25 years

Lombard lending policy

Family, leading shareholder in a CAC 40 listed group

  • Analyse the different equity investment vehicles and diversified investment portfolios and set up a leverage policy

  • Negotiate loans with several lenders including multi-currency structured financing, Lombard loans and credit lines for derivatives ; Implement monitoring

Quality support over time

As well as advising on your choices, we will help you put our recommendations into practice. We not only design effective solutions, we also help you negotiate and implement them with your trusted financial partners or new providers, while always bearing in mind your objectives and protecting your interests. We continually review your situation so we can identify risks and spot new opportunities.

Other expertises


Bespoke mortgage facilities, Lombard loans and structured loans.


Direct investments, collateralised loans, mezzanine loans and bridge loans.


The power of optimised wealth